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All EDC systems claim to be user-friendly, but the TrialMaster Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Suite actually provides easy-to-use, eClinical tools that help life science companies deliver life-saving therapies to patients around the globe. 

TrialMaster makes it easier for medical professionals to collect and manage their clinical trial data, thereby freeing up the maximum amount of time to care for patients. This ease of use for investigative sites, coupled with state-of-the-art risk-based monitoring (RBM), data management and analytical tools, means that life science companies can shorten the time to market for essential life-enhancing treatments.

With the most intuitive end-user experience, TrialMaster makes navigation easy. Site users are guided to enter only the data that is expected, which improves both speed and accuracy. All users can filter data based on form, visit or query status, and thus focus quickly on the areas of most importance. Responding to a query is as easy as replying to a chat message on your phone.

TrialMaster supports desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.  All screens adapt in real time to the size of the device on which TrialMaster is running, so a single set of study design information produces layouts that appear to be custom-designed to the user’s device.

All forms of data may be handled, including batch-loaded lab data, data from external systems, imaging data and data entered directly by patients. TrialMaster supports flexible query management, sophisticated operational and clinical reporting, and provides the industry’s most capable facilities for data export.

Above and beyond typical EDC functions, TrialMaster can perform many tasks that were historically seen in clinical applications external to an EDC system. This includes randomization, clinical adjudication and links to imaging systems. Bringing these modules together provides a depth of functionality that offers unique business benefits including improved efficiency and communication across multiple business units, faster study completion, and a reduction in costly integration projects.



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