OCT Europe 2024

Join Anju in Barcelona on May 7-8 at OCT Europe 2024, the 14th Annual Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Europe conference, a collaborative environment where pharma & biotech leaders can find solutions to current challenges through innovations and partnerships.

While you are there, don’t miss the presentation by Barbara Argibay, Anju’s Data Divison Vice President and General Manager in the Clinical Technology & Innovation track. On Wednesday, May 8 at 9:30 AM CEST she will present “the Cinderella of Clinical Trial Planning.” Join to learn how you can identify your targeted subpopulation through data analytics to align your clinical strategy and your operational plan. For our full presentation abstract and an overview of the other sessions, consult the conference agenda.

Would you like to accelerate the planning, management, and execution of your clinical trials? Schedule a meeting today with Anju experts, Dan Osborne, Mike Loftus, or Barbara Argibay and don’t forget to visit booth 50 for a demo of our Data Science and eClinical solutions.

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