Join us at EUCROF24, the European CRO Federation’s conference, in Prague, Czech Republic, occurring February 19-20, 2024! Book a meeting with our eClinical and Data Science experts, Mike Loftus and Greg Davies, and discover how Anju can help accelerate the execution and management of your clinical trials.

While you’re there, make sure not to miss the presentation by Elke Ydens, Anju’s Associate Director of Business Solutions, given Monday, February 19 at 2 PM CET. Elke will dive into a use case on site selection and feasibility using a data-driven approach. Trial planning is extremely complex, time-consuming, and requires high precision in every stage of the process. Efficiently transforming data into insights can help resolve many trial planning complexities and provide impactful results.

Data- and analytics-driven global site selection and an optimized feasibility assessment process are critical to improve clinical trial timelines and outcomes. But what key insights can you extract from past experiences? How does the competitive landscape affect your trial planning and strategic decision-making? How do you streamline the site selection process with your diversity strategies?

This in-depth use case highlights what one should consider when planning and implementing a data-driven decision-making process for trial planning through the following steps:

  • Historical data to analyze for past trends/outcomes
  • Understanding the competitive landscape
  • Estimating patient enrolment benchmarks
  • Identifying sites with capacity to recruit and that support your diversity strategies

Consult the full conference program here.

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